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Irish Wish (2024) | Dual Audio [Hindi & English] | 1080p, 720p, & 480p Download | Full Movie

Irish Wish casts a spell of romance and magic against the lush backdrop of Ireland, weaving a tale of love that defies time and destiny. This enchanting film invites viewers into a world where wishes have the power to change lives, and true love is the greatest magic of all.

Name: Irish Wish
Release Date: 15 Mar 2024
Director: Janeen Damian
Main Cast: Lindsay Lohan, Ed Speleers, Alexander Vlahos
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
IMDB Rating: 5.2/10
Official Languages: Hindi Dubbed
Runtime: 1h 33m
Country of Origin: Ireland, United States
Subtitle: English, Hindi
Quality: 1080p | 720p | 480p


Maeve, an American artist, inherits an ancient Celtic ring that grants her a wish. She wishes for true love and finds herself transported to Ireland in 1924, where she meets Sean, a charming poet fighting for his country’s freedom. As Maeve and Sean’s love blossoms, they must navigate the challenges of time, history, and the destiny that Maeve’s wish has set in motion. Irish Wish explores the themes of love, sacrifice, and the timeless question of whether love can truly conquer all.

Irish Wish is a beautifully crafted film that captures the essence of romantic fantasy. The chemistry between Maeve and Sean is palpable, bringing to life a love story that feels both timeless and urgent. The film’s magical elements are handled with a light touch, allowing the focus to remain on the emotional journey of its characters. With its stunning Irish scenery and heartfelt narrative, Irish Wish is a captivating ode to the power of love and the mysteries of fate.

Irish Wish stands out as a romantic gem that enchants from the first frame to the last. It’s a film that not only entertains but also touches the heart, reminding us of the magic that exists in the world and the power of love to transcend even the boundaries of time. For anyone who believes in the magic of love, Irish Wish is a must-watch that rekindles that sense of wonder.

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